• It’s my first time at CYCL3. How early should I arrive?

    Welcome! For your first ride, we recommend arriving to the studio at least 15 minutes before your class so that you can complete your New Rider Waiver Form, get a tour of the studio, get set up on a bike, and meet your instructor. Please note that if you have not signed in for class 5 minutes before the class starts, your bike may be released. Unfortunately, late entry is not permitted for first time riders so if you believe that you will be late for class, just give us a call – we will gladly help and reschedule your first visit to another class time without penalty.

  • Will someone be able to assist me with setting up my bike?

    At CYCL3, we take bike setup very seriously. After you complete your New Rider Waiver Form, we will set your bike up with you so we can be sure that you’ll be riding with the proper settings for your body. This is one of the reasons why we ask new riders to arrive at least 15 minutes before class.

    PS: we’ll also make a note of your settings for you so that you’ll easily remember them for your next ride 🙂

  • What should I wear to class?

    We suggest a tee or tank on top and form fitted leggings or shorts on the bottom. Our bikes require cycling shoes so don’t forget your socks too! You’re welcome to bring your own LOOK Delta or SPD-compatible cycling shoes. We also offer shoe rentals for $2.

  • I’m new to fitness (or I have not worked out in a while). Is there a beginner class?

    One thing that’s awesome about indoor cycling is that it can be tailored to any ability or fitness level. While we don’t have a specific beginners class at the moment, you’ll be able to adjust your resistance on your bike as needed so that you can work at your own level and abilities. If at any point you need to ease up and do your own thing, that’s cool with us.

  • What if I can’t do everything in class?

    That’s okay! We encourage first time and newer riders to go at their own pace and have fun. It’s okay if you don’t know how to do everything yet and it’s okay if you feel like you need to just stay seated in the saddle for portions of class to find your pace. Everyone was a beginner once, and we have new riders in almost every class so on any given day, you won’t be alone! Just keep at it, try your best, and most of all, enjoy yourself. You’ll find that as you continue to take classes, you’ll gain strength, stamina, and confidence.

  • Is there a certain bike or place where I should sit in the studio?

    CYCL3 is the only studio in the area that has the ability to book a specific bike ahead of time. You’ll know exactly where you’re sitting before you even arrive. How cool is that? While you can select any available bike, we do recommend that our first time and newer riders sit in the third or fourth rows. This is because those two rows are slightly elevated so they provide the best vantage point for you to be able to see the instructor (and you will also be able to look to the front row riders as a guide as well; these riders are usually the more experienced CYCL3 riders so they’re very helpful to watch!) Once you’ve got a few classes under your belt and the movements become more natural to you, then you may wish to sit in a different row/area of the studio.  Pretty soon, you’ll be a front row rider too!

  • How far in advance can I book a bike?

    Our schedule is released each Monday at 12pm for the following week. Once sign-ups begin, you’ll be able to book classes for Tuesday through the following Monday. So for example, if you’re looking at our schedule on a Friday, you’ll only be able to register for classes through the following Monday.

  • What is your cancellation policy?

    You can cancel classes online or by calling the studio at least 12 hours prior to the class start time. Email cancellations will not be accepted. Once your bike is cancelled, the class will be returned to your CYCL3 series in your account to be used for a future class. If you fail to cancel your reservation at least 12 hours prior to the class start time, your account will be charged a $10 Late Cancellation Fee, and your class will be returned to your series for future use. This applies to both class packs and monthly unlimited memberships. If you do not show up for your class as scheduled, your account will be charged a $10 Late Cancellation Fee, and your class will be returned to your series for future use. This applies to both class packs and monthly unlimited memberships. If you have a confirmed bike for one class and get into another class from the waitlist within the late cancel period, you WILL be charged for both spots. We are unable to accommodate switching between classes.

  • How does the waitlist work?

    Popular class times can fill quickly but we monitor our waitlists several times per day and they move quickly.  When in doubt, put yourself on the waitist. As bikes free up, the waitlist adjusts and the next rider is added. When you’re added, you’ll receive an email to confirm your spot in the class. If you are added to a class and are unable to attend, simply cancel your bike online or call the studio. Please remember however that by putting yourself on the waitlist, you are confirming to us that if a spot should open, you will take that spot. If you are on a waitlist, you can be added to the class any time up until 1 hour prior to the class start. If you are waitlisted and you do not believe that you will be able to attend the class if added, be sure to remove yourself from the waitlist as soon as possible.

  • Do you have showers/locker rooms? Towels?

    Yes! Our studio is outfitted with lockers that lock manually to the code of your choosing. Many of our lockers also contain USB charging ports as well, so feel free to bring your phone/tablet charger with you.  We also have four large restrooms, two fully stocked shower rooms, a dedicated quick change room, and two backlit blowdry/makeup bars. Full sized towels and bath products are also available for use in each shower room.

  • Do you have water fountains or water for purchase?

    Both!  We have a filtered water fill station for filling your own bottles, we sell sport bottles of SmartWater, and we also sell CYCL3 branded S’well bottles too.

  • Why do we need to wear cycling shoes? What kind do you recommend?

    If you’ve never tried cycling shoes, you’re in for a treat! They offer a much smoother, more secure position in the pedals, thereby enabling you to work much more efficiently. Your pedal strokes will be more powerful and you’ll be able to better target the proper muscle groups. You’ll feel the difference, we promise. As for shoe recommendations, we personally prefer “LOOK Delta” cleats for our bike pedals, but our bikes are also SPD compatible.

  • Do you offer a monthly membership option?

    No. CYCL3 does not offer memberships. You can buy as many or as few classes as you would like. If you’re riding regularly, our larger class package series offer the best deal and a price discount.

  • Do you offer CYCL3 gift certificates?

    We do! You can purchase a CYCL3 gift card in any denomination. Our gift cards do not expire and the recipient can use his/her gift cards to buy classes or any kind of merchandise in the studio. If a class is purchased with a gift card, it will expire just like any other class purchased.

  • Are classes different from gift cards?

    Yes. Classes are for rides only. Gift cards can be used on anything in the studio. You cannot give classes to another as a gift (i.e., transfer classes) and classes expire. Expiration dates are posted in the series descriptions and are helpfully printed on your receipt as well. If, however, you get in a bind and find that you cannot book your ride in time, just email us at info@cycl-3.com and we can help.

  • Can I redeem a class for merchandise instead?

    No. When you buy a class, you are only able to use that class to book a bike.

  • What is your retail return policy?

    If you need to return an item, you can return the item within 7 days of purchase for an exchange or CYCL3 credit only. The item must be unwashed, unworn, have tags attached, and proof of payment must accompany the return. All sale items, water bottles, socks, headwear and underwear are final sale. We cannot make exceptions to this policy.

  • How many calories will I burn in a CYCL3 class?

    This is a pretty loaded question because a number of factors play into this such as an individual’s size, muscular structure, and amount of exertion used in the class. However, it’s our experience that on average, indoor cyclists can burn anywhere from 500 to 700 calories in a vigorous 45 minute class.

  • Can I ride if I’m pregnant?

    First off, congratulations!! We’ve had many pregnant women who are able to ride straight up until their due date but, like with any exercise program, it is important for you to check with your doctor before riding at CYCL3. Your doctor will provide the definitive answer for you as he/she will be informed enough about your pregnancy to be able to advise whether indoor cycling is permissible. If your doctor gives you the go ahead, let us know the next time you come in! We’ll help you get comfortably set up and share some helpful modifications that you may need along the way.

  • I’d like to come to class with friends. Do we all need to create our own accounts?

    Yes. Each of you will need to create your own account and fill out a New Rider Waiver Form in studio before you can ride. Please note that riders under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian in person in the studio for their first visit and he/she is responsible for filling out the New Rider Waiver Form on the minor’s behalf.

  • Do you have childcare in the studio?

    Not yet… stay tuned though. 🙂  Be sure to make yourself an account to get on our email list so that you get all the updates!